Quick ways to improve social media for fitness company

June 12, 2017 / / by Team Harper



Nothing and we mean nothing, gets under our skin like missed marketing opportunities especially when it comes to social media marketing. Businesses today have it easy when it comes to finding new customers thanks in part to social media. Yet so many of them continue to do it wrong or make it harder than it needs to be. Consequently, they don’t see the results they want. So, we, at Harper Design Group, have put together five truly painless tips to jumpstart or improve your social media presence and gain followers.

The following steps can be not only used by a fitness company but a model for any company trying to reach thier audience. 


 1. Keep It Real

The single best thing you can do to enhance your social media presence and grow your fitness following is to be as genuine as possible. One unique but effective way to treat your social media is to treat it like a real person not like an account. That may sound strange since it is, in fact, an account but that's not how you or rest of the world interacts with social platforms.


Unlike your bank account, your social media account is fun. So why not mix in pleasure and spice things up with fun themes or amusing subjects. If you're all about positivity than post things that make you happy. Post an encouraging affirmation, a quirky new product you just discovered, or a tiny detail that made your day better. Whatever it is if it's real to you and your business people will take notice.


And remember, it doesn’t stop there, because like a good friend, you always need to make time to interact. When people comment, or tag you in posts, respond. It may just lead to customer loyalty or further inquiry about your business. It’s always good practice to reply or simply like a comment that positively relates to your company. It’s what helps maintain your connections, aka friendships, on social media. 


 2. Create Your Social Schedule

If you start to post consistently, your fitness followers will look forward to your weekly posts and eventually begin to expect them. So, if you routinely post motivational quotes on Mondays but skip it the following Monday because you’re too busy, you might leave your audience feeling salty or even worse you’ll see a drop in numbers. But hold on, don't get nervous and start posting any and everything. Rather, correct this problem with a little organization.


To keep your fitness followers happy, become more timely with your posts. Get into a posting routine. Pick a time, a day, and a topic and then follow that schedule. That way you set the expectation and can better maintain and grow your following. A media calendar can be a helpful tool to make sure your specific posts are on track per the day of the week.


  3. Include Your Handle Everywhere!

Make it easy for people to find you by telling people where to find you! You can do this in a cinch by adding your social networks across all promotional materials. From your business cards to giveaways to goods and services, include what social platforms you’re on, even if it’s just the tiny social media icons.


Take advantage of all the places where there's room for a little shout out to your social media accounts. Down the road, it will be so much smoother for you to use your social platforms as the way to promote future events or release exciting news. Think of your social media accounts as a fun way to keep your customers informed.


 4. Use Pictures & Videos

Besides the fact that people photograph everything every single day, posts that include a visual element have an 87% higher engagement rate (source?) over posts without. So, do yourself a favor and include a picture, video, or an illustration to every post. It doesn’t matter if you have the most incredible content because without a visual reference your odds of getting anyone to read that content is incredibly low. Avoid that by just adding an awesome image along with the content to increase your likelihood of engagement.


 5.Learn How to Brag

Have you ever talked to someone who only talks about themselves? They never ask a single question about you and continue to talk at you, not with you. Did it feel like a complete waste of your time?


If you answered yes and yes, you’re not alone. We’ve all been in those situations. It happens all the time. And it also happens on social media. Companies routinely make this mistake on their social media. They brag and brag and leave their audience with that same fruitless feeling. Fortunately, with a just little direction, you can turn me, me, me into you, you, you. And learn how to brag to consumers about what good you've done in a non-egotistical way. Just keeping these few easy steps to improve your social media in the back of your mind. Your social media will improve on following and quality.


The primary focus in every boastful post should be about how you, as a business, help your consumers. Even if you post an award, or post something that your business does extremely well do it in a way that shows how it's beneficial to your audience. As people pay more attention to topics that are of interest to them. So, it’s smart to position your proud post in a way that speaks to your fitness following. 


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