What is customer engagement?


You might be familiar with the term “customer engagement;” it’s thrown around readily in the marketing world, however, it’s also one that is not easily defined.  You can take a look at a number of other articles and blogs, and you’ll find that each one defines ‘customer engagement’ differently. 

However, there is one commonality between them and that’s that customer engagement is the relationship and interaction between your customer and your brand.  The reality of it is that customer engagement looks different for every company. 

But why is customer engagement important?  When you have customers who are engaged with your brand, they buy more, promote and recommend your product or service, and develop a loyalty to you (such as are you team Starbucks or Caribou?). 

Since business is based on selling your product or service, it’s important you have a strategy for your customers.  There are three areas you want to focus on with your customer engagement plan:

  1. Reaching out to potential new customers.
  2. Converting potential customers to actual customers.
  3. Retaining your customers.

Reaching out to potential new customers You want to think about your market segments and who you want to reach.  The goal in this area is to increase your brand awareness to as many potentials as possible.

Converting potentials to actuals With all the work you did reaching out to your potentials, here you want to focus on converting those potentials to customers.  You want them to make their first purchase of your product or service.

Retaining your customers After your customer has made their first purchase, you then want to focus on keeping them engaged with your brand, and helping them build a loyalty to you. 

Customer engagement is different for every company.  How you reach customers and build those relationships largely depends on what your company’s vision and goals are, and what capabilities you have to do so.  The team at Harper is skilled at creating marketing and executing marketing plans tailored to you.  If you’re ready to get started, or want to refresh your marketing, give us at Harper a shout.


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