What's the big deal about marketing plans?


As a marketing and creative partner, we see a lot of marketing plans.  We also see a lot of companies without a marketing plan. 

Now, if you’re one of those who do not have a marketing plan, you might be wondering what is it exactly.  A marketing plan outlines your marketing strategies and efforts for a defined period of time (think monthly, quarterly, yearly).  It’s your guide, or some call it your roadmap, for when you will introduce or deliver marketing campaigns, new products, services, etc. 

While there’s a number of pieces that actually go into a good marketing plan, here are a few things to think about before you begin to write your marketing plan:

  1. How will your company’s vision and goals tie into your marketing plan? If your marketing plan is not aligned to where your company is wanting to go, then you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money on efforts that aren’t driving the results your company wants to see.
  2. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” is guaranteed to kill your marketing plan. Every single time.  It’s important to continually review and measure your marketing efforts and eliminate the ones that aren’t making you money, driving company results, or aren’t aligned to the company’s vision and goals.
  3. Data is your best friend. The only way you will know if your marketing plan is working (or your strategies within the plan) is if you’re able to measure it. The data will give you all the answers you need: is it driving results or not?  While you may find yourself tweaking your strategies over the course of your plan, your data will ultimately make it clear what you should be spending your time and money on in your marketing plan.

Having a plan is important- have you ever gone to the grocery store without a list and bought things you didn’t need?  Yeah, that shouldn’t happen with your marketing.  Successful marketing begins with having a marketing plan in place. 

Not sure where to start or maybe you have a plan but it could use an update? Let the team at Harper help you set up a successful, and fun, marketing plan. 


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