Traditional Marketing is Not Dead



Doesn’t it seem like yesterday that marketers across the  universe were declaring DEATH to traditional marketing? Social media came along and marketers found a grassroots way to connect and engage, all while doing it on the cheap. So, unsurprisingly, bloated and expensive TV ads and traditional print ads became so 1999.


It is funny to me how we in the marketing world tend to make snap decisions on what works, only to revert back to past tactics just as quickly when the new approach isn’t producing as expected.


This is vital to the article and should not be misconstrued. Although traditional marketing is NOT DEAD, content driven marketing via blogs and social media are extremely important to the process. What companies fail to see is the fact that both mediums should be used in conjunction with one another to build and drive a brand. Ultimately the goal of marketing is to drive sales, and the simple truth is that online marketing is massively failing that unbelievably simple goal.



Search Engine Optimization as it is known is a vital first step of marketing today. Although technical and extremely boring, optimizing your website will not only make it visible online to the people you want it to reach, it will also drive the right traffic to your website. Getting people to your doorstep to window shop has always been the goal and SEO is the first step in getting people there.



More technical jargon, Search Engine Marketing. SEO will attract more of an “Organic” traffic source whereas SEM is closer to a traditional marketing mindset; in other words, you pay for customers, much like you would pay for flyers. I know you have probably received an email speaking to “Here’s $300 to spend towards Google AdWords.” Well, that email is selling SEM. You can create web banner ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It is an effective way to pay for the right visitors to your website.


Content Marketing & Social Media

These concepts are the ultimate in engaging directly with your customer base, and this blog post we’ve written is part of it too. Blogging is the ultimate way to take control of the conversation. Delivering content your customers want to read is just the beginning; blogging has evolveded into a platform for advice and expertise. Delivering all of that via social media as the platform driver will only help to further engage your customer base. Just remember, contrary to popular belief, blogs have quickly moved away from someone telling you what they ate for dinner last night and have now turned into the engine that powers your unique content to your potential customer base.


Local Marketing & Print         

No, this has not gone away. In fact it is quite possibly one of the more important and most overlooked parts of marketing today. As companies are talked into moving away from print media and local marketing, the hunger for it has gotten stronger. But why? One word -  Millennials. Millennials have fierce brand loyalty and want to be a part of homegrown businesses that market themselves well, and since they are now the largest buyer demographic, we should all be listening.


Down & Dirty

Every traditional platform from TV and radio to trade shows and events are important to any sort of brand development campaign. To show you the importance and reach of TV and radio, all I would need to show you was an iHeart Media’s sales deck. The vast number or bodies with eyes and ears turned towards traditional media is astounding and sadly overlooked by the people that you should be trusting with your marketing budget.


Be smart, listen, and learn because if someone is adamantly telling you to stay away from something, chances are they have other motives. Explore all avenues of marketing because again, at the end of the day all marketing is meant to drive sales.


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