Ashland Industries, founded in 1953 and located in Ashland, Wisconsin, is already an established brand with a

great following. The company started out of demand for earth moving equipment and quickly gained a reputation

for innovation and quality during the post WWII tractor boom. The product line contained scrapers, dozer blades,

land planes, root rakes, stump grinders, dump trailers, and snow plows. Through the years, the company shifted

its main focus to the scraper. Ashland Industries has since solidified its position as a leader in the agriculture and

industrial earth moving market.


The Harper team was invited to the beautiful city of Ashland, Wisconsin for the opportunity to provide creative

assistance to Ashland Industries’ current brand where they were seeking a new, modern look and needing a

consistent theme throughout their products. The idea of doing a complete brand redesign is something some

companies shy away from, but Ashland Industries was ready for a new, modern look to bring them into a new era

of their products. After the initial rebrand of their Ground Hog line, we were tasked with creating an online product

catalog and developing a new company website. Customer focused, Ashland Industries’ biggest concern was to

make product information more readily available and easily accessible for their customers, which was something

they hadn’t had. Previously, this information was only available through large, printed catalogs. By using

information their employees already stored in the Microsoft Dynamics platform regarding their products, the

Harper team was able to customize a website plugin to bridge the information between their stored information

platform and the website making all their product information readily available in PDF or Excel formats for their

customers. The Harper team was able to successfully position Ashland Industries in a highly regarded

agricultural market, attract new customer and investor relationships, and continue their legacy of

advancing innovation and agricultural development.