Growing up in Minnesota, our short summers were spent at the lake. Weekends were consumed by rolling waves,

baited hooks, and the dream of owning our own cottage. Decades later, we are still obsessed with the lake

lifestyle. Whether you are dipping your toes on that weathered dock or roasting one more marshmallow around a

perfect fire, Lakeside Clothing Co. provides the style and comfort you would expect at the lake.

Sail away, cast that line, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Port side style. Shoreline comfort. Lakeside.


The challenge came from taking a general concept of an idea and turning it into a successful business. Launching

in 2014, Lakeside has taken care of the core branding that is seen throughout all aspects of design. In 2017,

Lakeside is expected to reach $750,000 in sales due to consistent and relevant marketing, putting them 5 years

ahead of initial growth projections.