Norvado, today’s telecommunications provider, believes they need to be more. More than just a telephone, Internet

and television company. So many of these technologies customers rely on every day have gone from unique,

separate entities to integrated systems that communicate with and complement one another. Located in Cable,

Wisconsin they want to simplify this complex world so their customers can truly have it all, from one provider,

without sacrificing quality.


The Norvado team initially reached out to Harper in hopes of helping to develop some creative digital pieces to

help engage their current product subscribers. After a couple strategy-driven meetings, both teams felt the issue

was more complex than just a couple creative ads. In order to engage customers and address some of the user

experience issues they were having, the Harper team built a custom, responsive WordPress website allowing

customers to view information from any mobile device, and view an online channel lineup. The website not only

solved these user experience issues, but now also provides lead capture and generation for their sales team. We

continue our work with Norvado today, providing creative support and strategy to their marketing team.